Rooted in Clay studio is open to visitors! You may stop by and catch Shana at work making pinched pottery....

Teaching & Education

Shana Brautigam is listed on the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, Arts in Education and Community Arts Roster. ....

About Rooted in Clay

Firing with wood, the flames travel throughout the kiln, touching each pot and creating a range of beautiful earth tones and surface effects......


by Shana Brautigam


Shana creates a variety of hand-built pieces, from functional work, to musical instruments, sculpture, and lighting.  She uses pinch, coil, and slab-building techniques.  Stretching and hand shaping the clay, she creates elegant, unique, and whimsical forms.  She often uses natural textures, such as ferns, leaves, and evergreens to imprint into the clay. Wood-firing pottery allows the flames to touch each pot, creating a variety of beautiful earth tones and surface effects.

Shana also creates a variety of clay instruments, including many types of whistles, flutes, ocarinas, rattles, drums, horns, and xylophones. She was first inspired by the book, From Mud to Music: Making and Enjoying Ceramic Musical Instruments, by Barry Hall. Shana has never really considered herself a musician, but she loves to play with her own clay instruments and enjoys all their unique sounds.