Rooted in Clay studio is open to visitors! You may stop by and catch Shana at work making pinched pottery....

Teaching & Education

Shana Brautigam is listed on the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, Arts in Education and Community Arts Roster. ....

About Rooted in Clay

Firing with wood, the flames travel throughout the kiln, touching each pot and creating a range of beautiful earth tones and surface effects......

Studio Classes

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Pottery for Kids

$25/ class, plus $10/each additional person 

This class is a great way for kids to release their creative energy through clay.  We will learn to build using pinch, slab, and coil techniques.  Utilizing these basic methods, we will create pots, instruments, sculptures and games!  Students will also have the opportunity to try the pottery wheel.  Creations will be fired and glazed, making them durable and food safe. 


Tuesdays, ongoing


Wednesdays, ongoing


 $25/class, plus $10/each additional person.

All materials included.

This class will focus on the simple hand-building techniques of pinch, coil, and slab.  Utilizing these techniques, we will shape the clay into cups, bowls, and other unique objects.  Surface decoration will be explored through imprinting objects to create textures, painting colored slips, and relief carving.  Pottery will be fired and glazed, making it durable and food-safe.

Clay Instrument

Making Workshop

Available upon request

In this workshop we will create simple and magical  instruments that produce beautiful sounds.  Possibilities include rattles, rain sticks, whistles, flutes, and horns.  Participants will make each    instrument unique by painting and carving, adding sculptural elements, and imprinting objects.  No experience is necessary to join us for this clay instrument class.  Both days will be spent making several instruments, and additional arrangements may be made for glazing finished pieces.

Introduction to Cob

Building and

Wood-fired Ovens

Available upon request

Cob is a versatile green building material, composed of clay, sand, and chopped straw.  It can be used to build outdoor sculpture, structures, and ovens.  In this workshop, we will mix cob with our hands and feet, and explore the varying consistencies and uses of the material.  We will make small wood-fired oven models, and add a layer of plaster to an existing oven.  A lunch of wood-fired pizza is included in the workshop.  

Pit Firing

Available upon request

This workshop is geared towards those who would like to explore an alternative firing method.  Working outside, we will fill a pit with bisque fired pots, sawdust, woodchips, hay, and other combustible  materials.  The pieces come out with unique patterns from the smoke and resemble primitive pottery made around the world.  Please bring bisque fired pieces.

Birthday parties

                  $15 per person 

Bring your party to Rooted in Clay!  Groups will make something with clay for about 1 -1 1/2 hours.  Options include mugs, cups, bowls, rattles, and ocarinas.  Projects will need to dry about a week, be fired, glazed and finished by Shana.  The completed pieces will be food-safe and durable!  

Parties are welcome to stay and have time for cake, snacks, and gifts.